Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Select fashion offers online

Select fashion are the premier clothing store for 18-25 year old women, the offer a range of fashionable and on trend clothing, shoes and accessories at affordable prices.

Select were nominated in 2009 by Drapers in the smaller multiple retailers category as been one to watch.

Select have two fantastic offers on line until 12.06.11, deal 1 30% off selected lines, deal 2 buy one dress and get a second half price.

Now there has never been a better time to treat your self for Summer.

Check the great fashion and offers online now.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Hot weekend offers in fashion

Its another Long bank holiday weekend, when thoughts turn to going out and what to wear.

In the fashion have some great weekend offers live now.

Dorothy perkins have got free delivery for UK orders, Bench have 25% discount for students, why not check out the site now and get your weekend fashion fix.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Happy 21st Birthday Asda George

George was launched in 1990 when George Davies spotted a niche opportunity that no one else could see; for quality, value clothing ranges in supermarkets. George joined forces with ASDA and the rest, as they say, is history

Since then the brand has become known for its high quality fashions for all the family.

Now George is celebrating 21 years of providing value and style for everyone, and what better way to celebrate than with some great Birthday offers. So check out in the fashion every day to see what present Asda George give you for its 21st

Friday, 20 May 2011

Summer festivals 2011 a survival guide

Well Summer is finally here, that can only mean one thing its festival time.

Here at in the fashion we love a good festival, so here is out top festivals you must go to this Summer.

Isle of Wight- 10th- 12th June
Glastonbury- 22nd to 26th June
T in the Park- 8th of July to 10th
V Festival 20th of August to 21st
Reading 26th of August to 28th

Unlike on the content British weather can play havoc with Music festivals, sea of mud, springs to mind.

Heres our top tips for festivals The key to festival style is to realise that when you’ve pitched up with three other people in a £30 one-man pop-up tent, and you daren’t use the showers because somebody pooed in them on the first night, the benchmark for looking good is lowered.
As long as you remember wellies, some sort of rain mac and sunscreen, you’ll be fine.

Bring plenty of clothes too, if it rains you need to be comfortble.

Now for the sensible bits,
Choose a good pitch – preferably away from the toilets
Test run putting your new tent up before you go as putting it up in the dark won’t be much fun, if it’s the first time.

Wear old clothes and preferably ones with zips.
Take drinks that you won’t mind drinking warm. Fridges aren’t in abundance at your campsite!
Don’t take anything you wouldn’t want to lose. Do you really need to take your ipod?

Don’t put padlocks on your tent – it only highlights the fact you’ve got something worth nicking!
Take a mobile phone – festival sites are massive and YOU WILL get lost. Most phone companies have charging facilities – be prepared to queue though.

What ever you do have fun and enjoy the Weather and the Music

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Who invented mens Boxer shorts?

Have you ever wondered who invented Mens Boxer shorts?

Well we did, so we thought its good to share.

The boxer was reportedly invented in America around 1925.

But the became famous or notorious, when a certain model stripped off in 1985 for that Jeans Commercial.

Now most men own on average 21 pairs, if you are in a relationship the majority of mens boxer shorts are bought by women.

Men have one pair of favourite boxer shorts, usually called their lucky shorts.

Most men have at least one pair of character boxer shorts, Homer Simpson, seems to be the preferred choice.

So guys do you by your own boxer shorts, do you have a favourite pair and how many do you own?

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Who invented the Hoody?

No one is entirely sure about this, sadly, some attribute it to an american company champion textiles others say it was like all great inventions a pure accident.

Whom ever invented it has left a fashion legacy that remains timeless and sees no sign of dying out.

Hoodies were first introduced in the early 1980s, but were worn almost exclusively by athletes in various sports. Thirty years later, however, the hoodie has evolved into a popular piece of casual wear for men and women alike. Hoodies have become popular for a variety of reasons. Some say they represent a “street type” lifestyle, while others insist that they wear them simply for warmth and comfort.

Hoodies are extremely popular with, men, women and children alike. They have evolved from a niche clothing market, previously associated with skaters, to mainstream fashion.

Hoodies are great for layering in colder weathers as well as been a fantastic fashion item.

Monday, 16 May 2011

The T shirt a fashion icon

During W.W.I, American troops wore wool uniforms during hot summer days in Europe and noticed European soldiers wearing lightweight cotton undershirts. This cool apparel caught on fast with the Americans and by W.W.II, both the Army and the Navy included them in their uniforms.

Up until the 1950’s, t-shirts were still considered underwear, until John Wayne, Marlon Brando, and James Dean shocked Americans by wearing their “underwear” on T.V. In 1955, James Dean helped make the T-shirt a standard item of clothing in Rebel Without a Cause.

Advances in Screenprinting gave people the opportunity to print on T-shirts in the 1960’s.

This meant that the simple plain white t shirt could be printed upon giving rise to all sorts of designs. One of the first groups to catch on to this was the music industry offering band T shirts These are still very popular with people today.

next the slogan T shirt made an impact,again due to band influences, Remember Frankie says relax?

T shirts now can have anything on them from slogans to peoples faces or names. However one thing remains they are as popular now as they ever were.

Our favourite T shirt of late is this Will and Kate version

Whats yours do you have a favourite?

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Mid life crisis at 43?

Today is Sunday 15.05.11 and I awoke at the usual 6.00 with my kids.

I Should be happy . I have 4 beautiful kids and a wife who loves me.

I run a highly successful and profitable inter net company http://www.in-the-fashion.co.uk

I have an nice ish house, a newish car and why is that not enough?

Suddenly everything seems out of focus in a weird way, its like I got up this morning and everything feels odd.

I have been 43 for 5 months now, so it cant be the sudden realisation that I am 43 can it?

Maybe its just one day blues and tomorrow all will be well with my world or maybe not?

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Manchester united become the most successful English club ever

May the 14th will go down in Football folklore as they day Manchester United won 19 league titles and became the most successful British football club ever.

Well done one and all

Jedward what is the point

Completely off topic. Sorry.

Cant believe that the good people of Ireland for Jedward to represent them in the Eurovison and secondly that people think they can win.

Twins, talentless, cant sing, cant dance, just plain weird.

If this is the future of the Eurovision then God help us all.
Vote for anyone juts not Jedward please

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Denim Jackets are cool

Ladies according to the fashion grapevine this Summers must have is a trendy denim jacket, yippee.

How we love our denim jackets, every season someone says denim is out of style and every season we prove them wrong.

The classic denim jacket is and always has been a style icon, it will never go out of fashion, so Ladies, grab your shades and wear your denim jacket with pride.

Yes Denim is cool