Monday, 24 January 2011

What to wear to the Gym

Everyone says you should, you said you would, so why not?
First things first you need the kit. Well if your going to be all hot and sweaty you need to look good, right? Baselayers, when you get too hot you need a top under your trackie .

Next the all important track suit top,you need it to be functional and practical but hey a girls got to look good too, so choose a breed track top in midnight .

Now comes the tracckie bottoms, remember fashion is the key here and they have got to be black. Now the shoes, you cant possibly wear those old tatty ones try these new K swiss ones for size.
Now your all kitted out and ready for the off, but hey Eastenders stars in a minuet so one more day wont hurt, now were did you put that chocolate?

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