Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal wedding costs why should we pay?

April 29th is the day when Kate Middleton marries Prince William, millions will watch the ceremony on TV and the country will grind to a halt. This day has been declared a bank holiday which means very few people will be at work.

In a recent report the CBI advised that the cost in lost earnings could be as much as £5 billion pounds, not to mention the actual costs of the marriage itself, with all its pomp and pagentry is this something we the British tax payers should be footing the bill for?

Yes retailers will make about one million from commemorative gifts and other memorabilia, but is this a fair trade off to British business in a time of economic downturn?

Sadly we think not, The Royals are a burden on the country and as far as we can see are no real advantage to Britain, now we are been asked to stump up for a Royal wedding!

How much longer are the British people going to allow the Royals to reign?

Do you think it is right that we pay for this spectacle?

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

whats your royal dignatory name?

Would it be great if you were standing at the entrance to Westminster abbey on Friday to hear you name called out, instead of boring tom smith it could be something more regal?

Well use our formula

Lord/lady +mother or fathers name+ first pets name+ first street name to create a royal sounding name try it and leave us a comment with yours

Take our fashion poll

We all have a favourite item of clothing, be it a comfy pair of shoes, a T shirt, jeans or something else. Many people have one item that regardless if its "in" or not they cant live without take our poll and tell us which is your must have item.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Easter gifts

Easter is associated with giving chocolate eggs, but did you know Initially Easter has a religious origin in the christian world, however the time of year also coincides with the re-birth of flora and fauna and it was a pagan believe to give easter eggs as a celebration of fertility, hence the easter bunny ( Rabbits are prolific breeders)
Before chocolate, hen eggs used to be boiled and decorated with different dyes and then hidden in the garden for children to look for.

There is no doubt kids love chocolate and whist we are not been a killjoy, would it be nice to be able to give them something that will last a lot longer.

We stumbled across this site Dillons Toybox and thought how wonderful it would be as a small child to get something from here for Easter?

So mums ad

Monday, 18 April 2011

Royal Wedding are we Bothered?

As you know doubt are fully aware the Royal Wedding is about to take place on April the 29th. Every were you go you are confronted by it.

The media is full of it, shops have every kind of memorabilia you can imagine and some you cant!

With all this Royal Wedding fever we decided to conduct a poll on our website to try and gauge how many people were actually interested in it.

We asked, if people were, watching on TV, making trip to London, having a street party, avoiding it or going away.
Initial results suggest that of the people who took part 50% are going away, 33% avoiding it and only 16% admitting they are going to watch it live on TV.

If this sample is representative of the nations views on the Royal wedding, then clearly we are not bothered. You can take the poll here and view the results.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

How much to you spend on clothes each Month

Are you a fashionista. a shop aholic or do you only buy new clothes when you have to.

Take our free Poll and tell us check it out and be honest

Pre order New Season Liverpool and Chelsea kits today

Its FA cup weekend and everyone is hoping their team are going to take the prize.

If your team happen to be on the losing end, take heart. JD Sports and In the fashion have got some great Premership deals for you.

Be the first wearing the new season Liverpool and chelsea Kits as you can now pre order them from today.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Mens wedding attire

The big day is fast approaching and you still have not found the perfect suit!
Your bride to be is anxious and worried, so what to do?

Do you use the old one thats lurked in the back of the wardrobe since your cousins wedding or do you bite the bullet and get a new one?

New one, she will not be pleased at all if you turn up in that suit.

Besides ideally you and your best man should have matching suits.

Right so, which do you choose a formal hat and tails look or a comfortable lounge suit?

This largely depends on your budget, the type of ceremony, are you having a lavish church wedding or a simple registry office do?

As more couples marry for the second time the lounge suit is becoming more acceptable, with the onset of on line suit retailers it is also becoming more affordable too. For example Suit Direct can supply a great looking suit for under one hundred pounds.

Which ever you choose, remember you will need matching, shoes, cufflinks, new shirt and a tie.

Happy shopping!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

To Tuck or not to tuck?

Now that is the question? Should men tuck it in or not!
Still confused read on.

My partner and I were having a discussion last night, about of all things mens shirts. She said that only geeks (her word) tuck their shirts inside their jeans or trousers and that it looked old.

Now to be honest I have never given it much thought, I always have my shirts untucked, always have, not a fashion choice just a lazy choice. Her indoors on the other hand, was adamant that tucking ones shirt in was a sign of been either a geek or old.

So were do you stand on the great tucking debate? If I am been honest there are many things which cause me stress and worry, like paying the bills, the kids not sleeping, etc but until she mentioned it tucking my shirt in or not tucking it in never came into the equation. Now it does, so should you tuck or not, men are you a tucker?

JD Sports launch free collect in store

The on line sports and fashion retailer JD Sports has launched a brand new service that makes it even easier to get your hands on your favourite gear.

No more having to wait for parcel deliveries or worse missing them while you are at work.
Now you can order online, choose which local store you want to collect your order from and JD Sports will send you a text when its ready to collect, all this for free.

Shop online and collect in store at a time that suits you.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Should Women dress their age?

Is it right or wrong to suggest that women should dress their age?

Is there anything wrong with a fifty plus lady wearing short skirts and low cut tops?

This is something we pondered after been on a night out with friends, one of our female companions, pointed out a lady who was clearly more mature, wearing a black mini skirt, and a very low top, our friend said " she should know better at her age" Now this got us wondering would she have said the same thing if it was a man?

Anyway, so we asked said friend how the lady in question should be dressing and she was very forthright with her views.

Basically she reckons that women of all ages should dress appropriately .

So here is her guide on what not to wear at a certain age.

20+ at work Starting your career path, but dressing like you're still in school -- clothes too short, too tight, too bare, too casual, too trendy office workers should wear smart casual only.
30+ skirts should now be knee length and tops should be less revealing
40+ Does your daughter complain that you're dressing like her, remember you are now needing to embrace elegance and style the mini skirts should be given to the charity shops.

50+ . Trust your gut. Dress to feel. Be more expressive in what you wear. Rethink your colors. As our hair and skin texture changes, so do the colors that cast the best light to our face. Pearls and scarves often do the job.

Basically it seems that there is an onus on women to dress their age and society perceives any woman who does not conform as just plain wrong.

Like we said is there the same pressures on men of a certain age? Love to hear your views

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Ben Sherman Suits £79.00

Now that Summer is almost upon us, honestly, It will be time to break out your suit. Dust of the suit cover and try it on, as no doubt you will have a wedding, or some other formal occasion to attend.

Oops looks like some one suit may be just so three seasons ago, when did you last wear it?

Well there is only one thing for it, your going to have to get a new one!

Fortunately buying a quality well made fitted suit, need not cost you the earth any longer, as Suit Direct offer designer Mens suits and Accessories at affordable prices, take this Ben Sherman 100% wool grey stripe suit, a bargain at only £79.00 at that price you can afford to buy two!
Suit Direct also supply a full range of formal shirts, shoes and accessories to buy online. Suit Direct Look the business for less.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Suit Direct comes to in the fashion

If like many people you want high quality suits and accessories from big brands like Cerruit, ben Sherman and many more then you will love Suit Direct.

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