Monday, 6 June 2011

Judges shocked as Ronan Parke loses Britians Got talent Final

One could hardly fail to notice the visible shock on the Britains got Talent Judges faces when Ronan Parke was beaten by the Scottish T shirt and Jeans wearing Singer Jai Mc Dowell in Saturday nights Britain's got talent final.

Amanda Holden whilst congratulating the winner openly said she wanted Ronan Parke to win.

So is it possible that the rumours and conjecture about a fix were real?

Those of us who watched the Friday nights semi- finals, when Simon Cowell publicly attacked the people responsible for saying that he had met Ronan before, may wonder did he protest too much?

Imagine this, what if Ronan Parke did win, would those people who perpetuated the "FIX" rumours been vindicated, what would those who did not like Ronan think?

More importantly what would the financial and professional implications for Simon Cowell and Sony have been?

Ask your self this one question, was it better to allow Ronan Parke to loose and have everyone say told you it was not fixed or let him win?

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