Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Long hoop Necklaces

We love a free gift here at in the fashion, that is why we were excited to receive a long chain hoop necklace from on-line fashion jewellery site glitzybits.

The kind people at Glitzybits said we could keep it, so we thought we would do them a quick review of the product.

Firstly the quality, it is a really lovely 56cm long necklace with silver ball beads and a good clasp.

One of the girls here decided to wear it to club on Friday night.
It did not mark her neck as some cheap jewellery can and she got lots of comments on it.

The price at only £8.99 it is affordable value, and we were sneaky, we checked a few other sites and glityzbits came in one of the cheapest.

So would we buy this? Yes, Yes, Yes. But do not take our word for it, why not visit them yourself and check out the gorgeous range of fashion Jewellery.

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