Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Is Doctor Who a style Icon?

The Doctor is in his eleventh incarnation, apparently bow ties are now cool.
We have seen his recent regenerations, go from Leather jacket and Jeans, Christopher Eccleston, Geek Chic, from David Tennant and Matt Smith's Bow ties are cool look.

He's been a dandy, an Edwardian cricketer and most famously wore a long scarf. Doctor Who's togs change as he regenerates. So what are the fashion tips from everyone's favourite Time Lord?

Flamboyant. Garish. Bizarre. Seldom does Time Lord fashion make it to the High Street.
The doctor is not known for setting or following fashion trends, and frankly some of his out fits do look like he was dressed in the dark.

Matt Smith has gone with the rolled-up trousers and a bow tie, look, some have likened it to HG Wells while others have said its more like a geography teacher.

Which ever way you look at it , Its hard to see Doctor who fashion taking over the high street.
The only Doctor that had some chance was David Tennant when he wore the converse trainers and long trench coat. Whilst David Tennant's Doctor was undoubtedly influenced by Britpop and Quadrophenia, this Doctor seems to be influenced by Indiana Jones' geekier nephew.

Personally We would love to see a Doctor that would be more in fashion and wear some urban clothing, such as a bench classic mix t shirt, teamed with a navy levis harrignton jacket and some diesel mens larkke jeans, to complete the ensemble how about some nike air rifts?

Ah well, perhaps one day we will see an on trend Doctor, or is that his appeal, his wacky and weird clothing style? Who knows one day the Doctor may regenerate into a lady!

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