Friday, 11 March 2011

Teenage clothing - how to be a rock God

As anyone who has teenagers will tell you, fashion and music are two key influences of their lives. One day your sweet little boy will stop listening to music and start listening to loud music, he will then dress as outrageously as possible. Can you understand it? No can you help ? Maybe.

In the fashion have teamed up with Loud clothing the internets largest retailer of official band t shirts and clothing to give you some ideas.

Firstly the noise (sorry meant music) it will come in various forms from foo fighters to korn (trust us its a band) Next the style, perhaps your little dear will like Bathroy Goat then there are the chains and key rings such as the slash key ring finally come the cargo pants and trainers

Now the look is complete, your little boy had become a surly rock God, who listens to music thats too loud and wears clothes that are just weird. Are you getting older or is he just expressing himself?

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