Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Should Women dress their age?

Is it right or wrong to suggest that women should dress their age?

Is there anything wrong with a fifty plus lady wearing short skirts and low cut tops?

This is something we pondered after been on a night out with friends, one of our female companions, pointed out a lady who was clearly more mature, wearing a black mini skirt, and a very low top, our friend said " she should know better at her age" Now this got us wondering would she have said the same thing if it was a man?

Anyway, so we asked said friend how the lady in question should be dressing and she was very forthright with her views.

Basically she reckons that women of all ages should dress appropriately .

So here is her guide on what not to wear at a certain age.

20+ at work Starting your career path, but dressing like you're still in school -- clothes too short, too tight, too bare, too casual, too trendy office workers should wear smart casual only.
30+ skirts should now be knee length and tops should be less revealing
40+ Does your daughter complain that you're dressing like her, remember you are now needing to embrace elegance and style the mini skirts should be given to the charity shops.

50+ . Trust your gut. Dress to feel. Be more expressive in what you wear. Rethink your colors. As our hair and skin texture changes, so do the colors that cast the best light to our face. Pearls and scarves often do the job.

Basically it seems that there is an onus on women to dress their age and society perceives any woman who does not conform as just plain wrong.

Like we said is there the same pressures on men of a certain age? Love to hear your views

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