Monday, 18 April 2011

Royal Wedding are we Bothered?

As you know doubt are fully aware the Royal Wedding is about to take place on April the 29th. Every were you go you are confronted by it.

The media is full of it, shops have every kind of memorabilia you can imagine and some you cant!

With all this Royal Wedding fever we decided to conduct a poll on our website to try and gauge how many people were actually interested in it.

We asked, if people were, watching on TV, making trip to London, having a street party, avoiding it or going away.
Initial results suggest that of the people who took part 50% are going away, 33% avoiding it and only 16% admitting they are going to watch it live on TV.

If this sample is representative of the nations views on the Royal wedding, then clearly we are not bothered. You can take the poll here and view the results.

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