Saturday, 9 April 2011

To Tuck or not to tuck?

Now that is the question? Should men tuck it in or not!
Still confused read on.

My partner and I were having a discussion last night, about of all things mens shirts. She said that only geeks (her word) tuck their shirts inside their jeans or trousers and that it looked old.

Now to be honest I have never given it much thought, I always have my shirts untucked, always have, not a fashion choice just a lazy choice. Her indoors on the other hand, was adamant that tucking ones shirt in was a sign of been either a geek or old.

So were do you stand on the great tucking debate? If I am been honest there are many things which cause me stress and worry, like paying the bills, the kids not sleeping, etc but until she mentioned it tucking my shirt in or not tucking it in never came into the equation. Now it does, so should you tuck or not, men are you a tucker?


  1. How 'bout half and half? ;)
    I saw some looks in which the stylish people prefer to tucked a little and then let the rest un-tucked, like you don't bother to fully tucked in your shirt before you went out the door ;)


  2. Now thats not right its either got to be in or out thanks for the comment